The instructional program of a Christian school is the tool that shapes the minds of the students and reflects the philosophy whereby they will make decisions in the future. The TCCS academic program is driven by excellent teachers who have a love for the Lord, their students and for the subjects they teach. Biblical integration is weaved throughout the curriculum from kindergarten through 12th grade.  Bible courses are taught at every level and are a requirement for high school graduation. The learning environment is positive and relaxed where students are not afraid to participate in class discussions or approach the teacher.

Elementary students are taught in the home room educational model.  In addition to the core subjects the students receive instruction in: Art, Physical Education, Music, Drama, Computers and Library.

High school juniors and seniors take advantage of concurrent enrollment and co-op classes with Coffeyville Community College.  During their junior year students take General Psychology and Lifetime fitness.  These two courses count for both high school and college credit.  During their senior year students are encouraged to take as many as six college credits during the first two class periods.  Many students graduate from TCCS with 12 – 18 college credits.

TCCS utilizes the following publishers in our text book selection:

Bob Jones University Press,  ABeka Books,  Saxon Math, Phonics and Spelling, Purposeful Design, Positive Action, Christian Schools International