Graduation Requirements


Freshmen 0 to 5 credits

Sophomore 6 to 10 credits

Junior 11 to 14 credits

Senior 15 to – credits

Students need a minimum of 24 credits to meet graduation requirements.

The following courses are required for graduation:

  1. One unit of physical education and health.

  2. Three units of math.

  3. Three units of science (with one being a lab science).

  4. Three units of social science, which shall include one unit of American History, and one unit of American Government (which must include the Constitution).

  5. Four units of language arts (Freshmen through Senior English is required).

  6. One unit of Bible for each year of attendance at TCCS.

Students may not graduate early without prior permission from the Administrator and School Board.

Students must fulfill the graduation requirements before the graduation date in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.