Tyro Community Christian School (TCCS) was founded by a group of parents in 1985 as a ministry of the Tyro Christian Church. The school began as a K-6 elementary school.  Grades seven and eight were added in 1987.  In 1992 the school added grades nine through twelve.  The school was non-accredited for the first ten years of operation.  In 1996 TCCS was accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International.  TCCS has been blessed to serve the Lord’s Kingdom by providing a quality Christian education to students of all types.  Many TCCS graduates now serve the Lord as ministers, missionaries, businessmen, doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, housewives, engineers and a variety of other occupations. 

While TCCS remains a ministry of the Tyro Christian Church, it maintains a policy of non-doctrinal instruction. A curriculum of Bible instruction permeates all grade levels with emphasis on knowledge of basic biblical principles. Students attending Tyro Christian School come from a wide range of Christian denominations and are taught by a qualified staff of Christian men and women.